HOme Gyms

There are several gyms nationwide we prefer to use for training.
Definitely visit these locations if you are looking to prepare for OCR, ninja or just looking to get in better shape.
Gyms marked by green stars are OCR/ninja focused gyms and gyms with a blue star are normal gyms our athletes use to get in some quality strength training.

Movement Lab Ohio

Columbus, OH

The only gym owned by a former Pro, Michelle Warnky's Movement Lab Ohio is one of the best ninja training facilities in the country. Michelle brings six years of ANW experience to her gym along with co-owners Chris and Brian Wilczewski arguably gives this gym more experience than any place in the USA.

Website: https://www.mlabohio.com/

Motus Ninjas
Kansas City, MO (East Side)

If you live on the east side of Kansas City you need to head to Motus Ninjas. Complete with balance section, kids area, treadmills, multiple full length rig sections that are changeable, rock wall, fingertip holds and more. All the latest ninja training tools that they update frequently keeping you ANW ready.

Website: https://motusninjawarrior.com/

ROKC Olathe (Climbing gym)
Olathe (Kansas City), KS

Home the largest climbing indoor climbing wall we know of along with a great cardio area, weight normal gym and fitness studio. The gym is also where Pro Jenny Overstreet works.

Read the review on Mud Run Guide here.
Website: https://www.climbkc.com/

On The Rocks

Elyria (Cleveland), OH  

On the Rocks is a premier climbing gym west of Cleveland, Ohio with 45 foot walls that have lead climbing and top rope routes including an arch. There is also a plethora of routes with auto belays and a bouldering area with two arches. Most importantly, the gym staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help. On the rocks is perfect for new or experienced climbers alike. They also have a full line of nutritional products, Ambari Nutrition, to maximize your potential.

Website: www.climbontherocks.com
Nutrition Line: https://www.ambarinutrition.com

Fitzone OCR Training
Miami, FL

Fitzone OCR is an obstacle course training grounds located in Miami, Florida. They help develop well rounded athletes by providing a quality training environment for beginners or experienced OCR athletes. This is the place to expand and grow your skills for racing by participating in training including: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), obstacle specific skills, strength work and conditioning. All of this is provided at an affordable rate making it the place to train for OCR in the Miami area.

Website: http://fitzoneocrtraining.com/

Motus Ninjas

Overland Park (West Kansas City), KS

If you loved the original Motus, you'll love their Overaland Park location even better.  Formerly Apex climbing gym the space is now all ninja making it the best ninja training location in the Midwest!

Website: https://motusninjawarrior.com