MEDIA: Digital Articles

Pro athletes have been featured in lots of Obstacle Course Racing digital articles. They appear almost weekly on the largest most comprehensive and best OCR news website in the world Mud Run Guide. Plus, they even reach outside the OCR circle appearing on news websites and non-OCR fitness related websites. The actual list is too comprehensive to collect all of them, but here is a sampling.

Mud Run Guide

Our female atheltes were featured heavily in Charity Fick's "Badass Women of OCR" series, which highlights the accomplishments of women in OCR both on and off the race course.

Read about the "Badass" women of the Pro Team here:

Randi Lackey

Amy Pajcic

Ashley Samples

Mud Run Guide Gear Reviews, 

Race Reviews, Op-Eds and News

Our athletes regularly appear in a gear reviews and race reviews from other brands. Below is a sampling of some of those online articles. Name and link for the article provided as well as which Pro Team athlete or athletes appear in each.

Gear Reviews


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Gear Review: RockSauce Fire and Ice Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis, Randi Lackey

Gear Review: HYLETE Apex Light Compression Shorts Evan Perperis, Ashton Abraham

Gear Review: HYLETE Prime Polo Shirt Evan Perperis

Six OCR Presents For “Your Family”(…That Are Really Presents For Yourself) Evan Perperis, Randi Lackey

Gear Review: MudGear Ruck Socks Evan Perperis

Gear Review: HYLETE Rep Shorts Evan Perperis

Tactical Vest as a Weight Vest? Evan Perperis
Gear Review: Squirrel’s Nut Butter Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis
Gear Review: HYLETE Verge II Shorts Doug Snyder, Evan PerperisGear Review: Atomik Liquid Chalk Evan Perperis, Jenny OverstreetGear Review: HYLETE Helix II Shorts Doug Snyder, Evan Perperis
HYLETE Liner Tech Hoodie Review Ashley SamplesUltra-OCR Man Now On Audiobook Evan PerperisGear Review: VJ Shoes XTRM Doug Snyder, Evan Perperis, Jenny OverstreetVJ iRock 3 Shoe Review Amy Pajcic
Gear Review: HYLETE Ion Pants Evan Perperis
Gear Review: MudGear Lifestyle T-Shirts Evan Perperis
Gear Review: Atomik Ninja Hangboard Jenny Overstreet, Evan Perperis
Gear Review: ORORO Heated Vest Evan Perperis
Gear Review: Rapid Reboot System Randi Lackey, Jay Flores
Gear Review: ORORO Heated Jacket Evan Perperis
Gear Review: Compex Fixx 1.0 Massage Gun Evan Perperis, Amy Pajcic
OCR America 2: The Gear Evan Perperis, Amy Pajcic

Gear Review: SPIbelt Randi Lackey, Evan Perperis
Gear Review: Compex Wireless Evan Perperis Represent with AKUMA Ashley Samples, Evan PerperisGear Review: BleggMits 2.0 Evan PerperisWorld’s Toughest Mudder Podium Gear Choices Evan Perperis

Montem Sneaky Snuggler Blanket: Evan Perperis

Harbinger Weight Vest: Randi Lackey

OOFOS OOmg Shoes: Lisa Nondorf, Jay Flores, Amy Pajcic

Elite Ops Energy Strips: Evan Perperis, Doug Snyder

MudGear: More Than Just Socks: Ashley Samples, Randi Lackey, Amy Pajcic, Jay Flores, Evan Perperis

Atomik Rig Grips: Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis, Randi Lackey

Hyper Elite Weight Vest: Evan Perperis

OOFOS Recovery Footwear: Ashley Samples, Lisa Nondorf, Evan Perperis

Xero Terraflex Trail/OCR Shoes: Evan Perperis

Frogskins Accessories: Gloves, Hats and Hood: Evan Perperis

Merrell Trail (OCR) Shoe Line: Jay Flores, Evan Perperis

Frogskins Tops and Bottoms: Evan Perperis


Hylete’s 6 in 1 Backpack: 40 L vs. 60 L: Evan Perperis

Hylete Icon XL Convertible Backpack: Ashley Samples, Nathan Palmer

Marena Sport Partners with Conquer The Gauntlet: Randi Lackey, Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis

Sinergy Sports Products: Evan Perperis


Neptune Thermoregulation System: Evan Perperis

dryrobe: Evan Perperis

Bodyhacker: Evan Perperis

Road ID: Evan Perperis


Fitbit Surge: Evan Perperis


Race Reviews


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Permanent Facility Spotlight: Newbsanity’s Extreme Ravine Evan Perperis

Kimberly’s 24 Hour Ultra-Mudder Evan Perperis, Scott Wierzycki

Race Review: KC Timber Challenge’s XTC Jenny Overstreet, Evan PerperisFreedom Reigns at Conquer The Gauntlet Ashton Abraham, Scott Wierzycki, Randi Lackey, Doug Snyder, Jenny OverstreetBlind Man Running: Review and Future Events Evan Perperis, Doug SnyderRunning OCR With My Five Year Old Evan PerperisRace Review: Family Timber Challenge Evan Perperis
Kansas’ First Post-Quarantine OCR: Wild Women’s Timber Challenge Jenny Overstreet
200 miles of OCR America 2: Event Recap Evan Perperis, Amy Pajcic, Michelle Warnky

Race Review: Spring Hammer Race Zumbo Falls Scott Wierzycki, Evan Perperis
Race Review: Warrior Dash Kansas City Evan Perperis
Race Review: Hannibal Race Kuwait Evan PerperisKC Timber Challenge Yeti 5k Race Review Evan Perperis

2018's World's Toughest Mudder Results: Evan Perperis

The Hammer Race: Evan Perperis

Extreme Timber Challenge: Evan Perperis

48 Hours of Endure The Gauntlet Summary: Doug Snyder, Evan Perperis

Warrior Rush (5k, 6 hr, 24 hr): Evan Perperis

Warrior Dash Minnesota: Evan Perperis

Green Beret Challenge: Operator St. Louis: Evan Perperis

Dirt Runner’s Final OCR Events in Marseilles, IL: Evan Perperis


US OCR Championships: Matt Willis

Hannibal Race (Lebanon): Evan Perperis

True Grit Enduro 24: Evan Perperis

Warrior Dash TN: Evan Perperis

Savage Race Georgia (Spring): Jay Flores, Evan Perperis


CTG-XTC: Evan Perperis, Jay Flores

Hardcore Mudd Run: Evan Perperis

BattleFrog Chicago: Evan Perperis

BattleFrog Kansas City: Evan Perperis

BattleFrog Charlotte: Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis

Conquer The Gauntlet Wichita: Randi Lackey, Evan Perperis

BattleFrog Nashville: Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis

Hannibal Race- Awkar, Lebanon: Evan Perperis


Hannibal Race- Lebanon: Evan Perperis

Conquer The Gauntlet Wichita: Evan Perperis, Randi Lackey

Tough Mudder KY: Evan Perperis

Warrior Dash IL: Evan Perperis

 News and Op-Eds


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Seven Presents for the OCR Athlete with Too Much Stuff Doug Snyder, Ashton Abraham, Randi Lackey, Evan Perperis, Amy Pajcic

MAGIC! OCR Pro and Children’s Author Amy Pajcic Amy Pajcic
Jay Flores is “Changing The Game”Jay Flores, Michelle Warnky
Movie Review: My First Marathon Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis
CTG Pro Team OCR Workouts To Go Randi Lackey, Evan Perperis, Michelle Warnky
8 Days of Ultra-OCR for Charity: OCR America 2 Evan Perperis, Nathan Palmer, Michelle Warnky
Doubling Down in the Midwest Jenny Overstreet, Randi Lackey, Doug Snyder
OCR Documentaries to Keep You Motivated Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis
OCR in Drag Evan Perperis
Supporting Brands During 2020 Evan Perperis
OCR-COVID Friendly Gym Precautions Randi Lackey, Evan Perperis
Conquer Youth Giveback Program Evan Perperis
Stoke Shed: The Future of OCR Video? Michelle Warnky, Evan Perperis, Amy Pajcic, Randi Lackey, Doug Snyder
8 Day of Winter OCR America 2 Lessons Learned Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis, Michelle Warnky
2020 Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team Announced All athletes
Win a FREE Trip to Hannibal Race Kuwait!!! Evan Perperis
OpEd: Write Locally and Grow the Sport: Evan Perperis
What can we learn about OCR from Fortnite? Ashley Samples
Op Ed: Are Pros Doing Enough for the Sport? Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis
Conquering The Gauntlet Goes Digital Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis
Ultra-OCR Prize Money: Why Ultra-OCR is Different from Other Ultra-Sports Evan Perperis
Ultra-OCR Man: New OCR Book for Charity Evan Perperis
Mud Run Guide’s Ultra-OCR Bible Goes Digital Evan Perperis, Amy Pajcic OCRmill 24: Lessons You Can Apply to Your Own Training Evan Perperis, Randi LackeyOCRmill 24 Recap: 24 hours of Treadmill OCR  Nathan Palmer, Evan Perperis, Randi Lackey
OCRmill Goes Nationwide and Personal Randi Lackey
2019 Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team All athletes
Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team Takeover & OCRmill 24 Evan Perperis, Randi Lackey

How a DNF Change My Life: A Perspective on World's Toughest Mudder: Evan Perperis

Training Tuesday: Get Your Team RockTape Certified: Randi Lackey, Evan Perperis, Ashley Samples

InsideTracker: Evan Perperis

So You Lost Your Band, Now What?: Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis

Preparing for 48 Hours of OCR: Mental Strength: Evan Perperis

Preparing for 48 Hours of OCR: Physical Strength: Evan Perperis

Five Things We Can Learn About OCR from 2018’s Boston Marathon: Randi Lackey, Amy Pajcic

Endure The Gauntlet: 48 Hours of OCR: Evan Perperis

2018 Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team: All Athletes


Ultra-OCR Grand Slam Lessons Learned: Evan Perperis

Success of Military Vets at World’s Toughest Mudder: Evan Perperis

Last Minute OCR Themed Halloween Costumes: Amy Pajcic, Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis

Breaking the Mold with Conquer The Gauntlet: Randi Lackey, Evan Perperis

Post-Race Cleanup with No Hotel: Ashley Samples

Family First at Conquer The Gauntlet: Ashley Samples, Jay Flores, Evan Perperis

Five Ways Toughest Mudder Will Change World’s Toughest Mudder: Evan Perperis

OCR Training with an Unlimited Budget: The People: Ashley Samples

Ultra-OCR Grand Slam: Evan Perperis

Five Weird Things That Are Normal for OCR Athletes: Evan Perperis

My Solution to World Championships Overseas: Randi Lackey


CTG Virtual Training Event: Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis

Conquer Fitness Opening Soon:  Evan Perperis

Are we Ready for the Catastrophic Success of World’s Toughest Mudder?: Evan Perperis

The Best North American Race Series for Improving for OCRWC Is…:  Evan Perperis

Bring Back Warrior Dash World Championships: Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis

Are We Pushing Too Hard: The Elites and The Competitive: Ashley Samples

Strength& Speed’s OCR America Summary: Evan Perperis

BFX: A New Home for Multi-Lap Legionnaires?: Evan Perperis

Unhealthy Obsession or Dedicated Athlete?: Evan Perperis

The Next Level: The Obstacle Rating System: Evan Perperis

Going to the Xtreme Part 2: Do I Need to Shave my Body?: Evan Perperis

Identifying an OCR Athlete in the Wild: Part 2: Ashley Samples

Identifying an OCR Athlete in the Wild: Part 1: Randi Lackey, Ashley Samples, Evan Perperis

Should OCR Athletes Care How Much They Can Lift?: Randi Lackey

Fugitive Run Gets Caught: Evan Perperis


Spartan Race TV Show: A Response to a Response: Evan Perperis

Multi-Lap Legionnaires: Evan Perperis

Doubling Down: Preparing and Performing at Back to Back Races: Evan Perperis

Tough Mudder: Fear of…: Evan Perperis

How to Look Good in OCR Photos: Evan Perperis


Facility Spotlights


Obstacle Course Racing Home Gyms Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis, Ashley Samples, Doug Snyder, Lisa Nondorf, Jenny Overstreet
Gym Review: ROKC Evan Perperis, Jenny Overstreet

Permanent OCR Facility Spotlight: The Battlegrounds: Evan Perperis

Permanent OCR Facility Spotlight: Shale Hill: Evan Perperis

Permanent OCR Facility Spotlight: Dirt Runner: Evan Perperis


Our athletes appear occasionally on the MudGear blog:
Pros Ashley Samples shared her story on MudGear's blog: Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Samples
MudGear & VJ Shoes Are A Perfect Fit with Doug Snyder and Jenny Overstreet
"What's Your Why?: Jenny Overstreet


Aritcles written by and featuring Evan Perperis:
The Slippery Slope into Endurance Racing
Lessons from Combat for Endurance Racing


Interview conducted by RockTape highlighting their support to Pro Team's male endurance athlete Evan Perperis.

Ultra-OCR Man, Evan Perperis, Goes Stronger Longer

Folds of Honor

Folds of Honor provides scholarships to children whose parents were wounded or killed in military service. Thanks to the support of Conquer The Gauntlet, Team sponsors and the Pro Team, we've collectively raised more than $10,000+ for the charity through multiple events.

Article covering the Endure The Gauntlet event talking about the results and the $6500+ raised for charity: 

Evan Perperis Enduring The Gauntlet: Video segment shows All Athletes


Yolked interviewed Pros Evan Perperis and Amy Pajcic about training, racing and recovery

Evan Perperis: How I recover faster with Yolked
Ultra-OCR Man Gets Yolked for Charity
A Real Warrior Workout: ANW Athlete Amy Pajcic Shares Her Secrets

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Obstacle Racing Media

Pro Team athletes occasionally appear in Obstacle Racing Media's website.

Warrior Dash Wisconsin Race Review: Evan Perperis

Mud Ninja Race Review: Amy Pajcic, Evan Perperis


LifeFuels, a tech company that created a "smart" shaker bottle, sponsored the Warrior Dash World Championship in 2015 and featured an article written by Pro Evan Perperis

Train For Warrior Dash with Evan Perperis

vj Shoes

Article for VJ Shoes USA with Pro Evan Perperis:
Six Tips to Prepare for an Ultra

complete human performance

The leader's in hybrid training Complete Human Nutrition (CHP) has published articles with several of the Pro Team athletes shown.

Frequent OCR Training Mistakes: Evan Perperis

Three Pillars of OCR Training: Evan Perperis, Randi Lackey