Recovery: Experts

Being able to perform at your best requires you to recover at an optimal rate. Whether athletes on our team are injured or just looking to perform optimally we have a team of experts to help keep us race ready. They are run by sports specific and recovery specialists, who are also OCR athletes themselves, so they understand the demands and needs of an Obstacle Course Racing athlete.

3GX Mental Performance Coaching

Become Mentally Strong Through Mindset Optimization

Overcome the obstacles that prevent you from becoming your best self with our mental performance training at 3GX. Whether you want to excel in sports, school, work, or life, we can help you through our holistic approach to changing your mindset.

3GX offers virtual programs that are customized and tailored to the individual athlete or team. In-person sessions can be complete during work venues or special request.

Physical Therapist William Shell

(Mythic Race Owner)

As an athlete, race owner and physical therapist, William Shell understands the demand of our sport better than anymore.  While not currently open for public bookings, he is a valuable asset to the team.  We highly recommend checking out Mythic Race for a chance to not only interact with him but see some of the best obstacles in the nation.

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