Male Athletes

Ashton Abraham

From: North Miami Beach, FL
Trains at: Fitzone in Miami, FL
      (when visiting family) Conquer Fitness Tulsa
Specialty: Short course OCRs
First Year in OCR: 2014
Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 2018 North American Championships 1st place age group champion in the 15k & 3k, 20-29

Other OCR Highlights:
-2018 Season, 10 OCR races with 10 podiums( 7-1st place, 1-2nd place, and 2- 3rd place)
-1st Place CTG OKC and Little Rock 2019
-1st Place Florida Blitz 2019 winner
-2nd Place Sprint Boca 2019
-Helping grow the OCR community, especially in South Florida - with Jay Flores

Joshua Fiore

From: Enfield, NH
Specialty: Ultra-endurance
First Year in OCR: 2011
Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 2017 Spartan Ultra World Champion in Iceland Other OCR Highlights: -50x+ Elite podium finisher with over 20x first place wins -3rd at 2021 Spartan Ultra World Championship -2x top five finisher with 100 miles at World’s Toughest Mudder -4x Spartan Killington Ultra Winner (2016, 2018, 2019, 2021) -4x Death Race Finisher (skull finisher) Social Links:  

Kevin Thompson

From: Charlotte, NC Trains at: Ninja Nation Huntersville @ninjanation_nc 
Specialty: Short Course OCR 
First Year in OCR: 2013 
Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 2022 World’s Toughest Mudder Team Champion
Other OCR Highlights: 
-2x top 20 finishes at OCRWC 3k 
-only American athlete on Team USA to compete in the Elite division for the 100m, 3k and 15k at FISO OCRWC 
 -top American Male at 2023 FISO OCRWC -5x top ten finishes in 2023 Savage Point Series finishing 4th in series 
-Green Sprint bib champion at Toughest MN 2023 and World’s Toughest Mudder 2023 
-Coached multiple kids to World Championship podiums in ninja competitions including 4x kids podiums at World Championship events and 1x win at the 2023 Premier Series World Championships

Kendall "The Highlight" Ortez

From: Dallas, TX

Trains at: Gauntlet Fitness in Dallas, TX

Specialty: Short course (3-7 miles)

First Year in OCR: 2017

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: Getting 3rd overall in the pro division team race at 2019's North American OCR Championship

Other OCR Highlights:

-American Ninja Warrior National Finalist Season 11

-1st Conquer The Gauntlet: Tulsa 2019

-1st Warrior Dash TX 2019

-15+ podium finishes

-2x American Ninja Warrior Competitor

-Being able to use obstacles to share the gospel to kids

Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis

From: Long Island, NY residing in Kansas City, MO

Trains atMotus Ninjas in Overland Park, KS

Recovers at:  Advanced Healthcare and Sports Injury PA in Olathe, KS

Specialty: Ultra-OCR (Obstacle Course Races between 5 hours and 24 hours long)

First Year in OCR: 2013

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: World Championship Team (Team Atomik) at the 24 hour long 2018 World's Toughest Mudder

Other OCR Highlights:

-2nd 2018 North American OCR Championship- Pro Coed Team- CTG Prime

-Undefeated in Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum (6x wins, 2019-2021)

-2nd Team (2+) 24 hour 2017 World's Toughest Mudder- Team Merrell

-3rd Battle of the Lions: Perpetuum

-9 Conquer The Gauntlet Elite Podium Finishes including a win at CTG Iowa 2018

-90 career OCR podium finishes

-Record for most OCR miles (191 miles) in a week: 2020's OCR America 2 (8 day total was 200 miles, 1000+ obstacles)

-2017 Ultra-OCR Grand Slam (1st or 2nd at every 24 hr OCR in the US)

-2018 Record for the longest OCR ever- 48 hours of Endure The Gauntlet

-23 American Ninja Warrior Competitor

Noel MEdina

From: Jacksonville, FL Trains at: 
Specialty: Short Course OCR 
First Year in OCR: 2018 
Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 11th at OCR World Championship 15k in 2023 
Other OCR Highlights
-2x Savage Race podiums in 2023 
-2x Spartan Race podiums in 2023 
-9x podiums in 2022 in Savage and Spartan Races

Thomas "The Barefoot Wonder" Plush

From: Wichita, KS
Trains at: Home gym and homemade obstacle course on our property that has gibbons, pegatron, stairway to heaven, Tarzan swing and more!
Specialty: short burst and pound for pound strength. Tough feet
First year OCR: 2017
Biggest accomplishment in OCR: 1st place Team Relay 2021 World Championship Open division
Other OCR Accomplishments:
-16 career 1st place finishes, part of a total of 23 OCR podiums including:
-1st place CTG 2022
-1st place Wichita Gladiator
-1st place The Siege 5k OCR
-1st place The KC Timber Challenge 2021
-2nd place CTG Wichita 2019
-3rd place CTG Wichita 2020
-2x Rugged Maniac Wins
-Only athlete to podium barefoot at CTG (2 total)
-The first athlete to complete an OCR World Championship barefoot, 7 barefoot podiums (4x1st places) a world record for barefoot OCR podiums