Racing: Championships & Records

From local races to the world stage and everything in between.  Here are the championship level results and records the team has accomplished over the years.

Cumulative Team Championship Results

Over the career of the athletes on the Pro Team, they have been on a variety of national, international and world championship level podiums. Here is a consolidated list of what the athletes on the roster (past and present) have achieved:


3x World Championship Level Wins
(Jay Flores & Michelle at 2017 Platinum Rig Master of the Rig, Evan Perperis Team at 2018 World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) Team)
7x World Championship Level Podiums
(Amy Pajcic individual at 2013 WTM and 2014 OCRWC 15k, Evan Team at 2017 WTM Team, Matt Willis & Amy at 2019 OCRWC Pro Coed Team, Ashley Jeanne Samples Pro Female Team at 2017 OCR World Championships), Jenny Overstreet at 2022 WTM)
13x World Championship Level Top Tens

(Rachel 2021 Spartan Ultra-Beast 24 hour Championships 4th, 2019 World's Toughest Mudder 5th, 2018 World's Toughest Mudder 8th, Amy Pajcic 2015 15k, 2021 100m, 3k, 15k, Coed Team, Amy at 2022 OCRWC 100m, Evan at World's Toughest Mudder 2016/2019/2021/2022)

7x World Championship AG Win

(Amy at 2019 OCRWC, Ashley at OCRWC 3K 2017 and 15K 2015 & 2017, Miranda at 2021 3k, Evan at 2021 World's Toughest Mudder AG 35-39, Thomas OCRWC Team Open 2021)

8x World Championship AG Podium

(Miranda at 2021 15k , Amy in 2019 and Lisa in 2017 at OCRWC, Evan at 2016/2019, 2022 World's Toughest Mudder, Rachel at 2017 OCRWC 3k and 15k, Kendall 2022 100m OCRWC Open)


1x North American Championship Win
(Ashley Pro Female Team at 2018 North American OCR Championships (NORAM))
6x North American Championship Podiums
(Michelle Warnky 2019 NORAM Pro 3k, Matt, Amy, Evan at 2018 Pro Coed NORAM, Lisa Nondorf at 2018 Pro Ladies Team NORAM, Kendall 2019 NORAM Team- Male)
5x North American AG Win
(Ashton in 2018 NORAM 3K and 15K, Jenny Overstreet in 2019 15K NORAM, Amy in 2019 at NORAM 3K and 15K)
1x North American AG Podium
(Miranda at 2019 3k NORAM)


1x National Level Win
(Michelle 2020's American Ninja Warrior All-Star's Team Matt)
2x National Level Podium
(Brint at HYROX in 2021, Rachel GoRuck Games 2022)
5x National Level Age Group Wins
(Jay, Scott Wierzycki and Lisa (3K and 15K) at 2017's United States OCR Championships, Rachel at 15k USOCRC)
1x National Level Age Group Podium
(Jay in 2017 at USOCRC)
8x Finalist on American Ninja Warrior National Finals
(American Ninja Warrior: Michelle in 2013-2016 & 2018-2019, Amy in 2014, Kendall 2019 S11)


The Pro Team stays busy year round racing all over the globe. Over the course of the last couple of years our athletes have managed to set all sorts of records within the Conquer The Gauntlet brand and beyond. Not surprisingly, we tend to excel at our former title sponsor's brand, Conquer The Gauntlet.
Here are some of the notable ones athletes past and present have accomplished.
All names are current or former Pros unless otherwise noted.

Battle of the Lions Race Series Records

Most Elite Wins:
Female: Amy Pajcic, 3

Male: Brint Hastert, 3

Points Series
2021 Point Series Champion: Amy Pajcic

2021 Points Series Champion: Brint Hastert


Most Elite CTG wins:
Female: Randi Lackey 13
Males: (Tied) Bryce Robinson (CTG Pro 2016-2019) tied with Jordon Buscemi (Spartan Pro 2019-present)
Most CTG Elite wins streak (wins at consecutive race appearances):
Female: Randi Lackey, TBD
Male: Ashton Abraham, 4 wins (tied with Spartan Pro Jordon Buscemi)
Most CTG Elite podiums:
Female: Randi Lackey, 24
Male: Nathan Palmer, 14
Most CTG Elite podiums streak:
Male: Nathan Palmer: 10
Female: Randi Lackey: TBD
Athletes who have won Elite and Continuum in the same race:
Randi Lackey
Miranda Huber
Athletes who have triple podiumed (Elite, Masters and Continuum) in the same race:
Males: Scot Wierzycki x 3
Females: Lisa Nondorf x 2
Masters Elite
Most CTG Masters wins:
Female: Lisa Nondorf: 10
Male: Doug Snyder: 9
Most Masters wins streak:
Female: Lisa Nondorf, 6
Male: Doug Snyder, 7
Most CTG masters podiums:
Female: Lisa Nondorf, 10
Male Doug Snyder, 13
Most Masters podium streak:
Female: Lisa Nondorf, 6
Male: Doug Snyder, 12
Most Continuum wins:
Males: Evan Perperis, 6
Females: Amy Pajcic, 3
Most Continuum wins streak:
Male: Evan Perperis, 6
Female: Amy Pajcic, 3
Most Continuum podiums:
Males: Scott Wierzycki, 7
Females: Miranda Huber, 4
Most Continuum podiums streak:
Males Scott Wierzycki, 7
Females: Miranda Huber, 4
Most laps at Continuum with 100% obstacle completion:
Males: Scott Wierzycki and Doug Snyder, 6 laps
Females: Amy Pajcic, 6 laps
Most laps during a Continuum:
Males: 7 Laps: Freddie Thompson (non-pro team)
Females: 6 Laps: Amy Pajcic

Most decorated CTG athlete of all time:

Female: Randi Lackey: 13 elite wins, 10 elite podiums finishes (2nd/3rd), 2 team wins, 1 team podium (2nd/3rd) and 2 Continuum wins
Male: Nathan Palmer: 3 elite wins, 11 elite podium finishes (2nd/3rd), 1 team win, 2 team podiums (2nd/3rd), 1 Continuum win and 2 Continuum podium
Most decorated Masters athlete of all time:
Female: Lisa Nondorf, 1 elite win, 2 elite podiums, 9 Masters wins and 1 Continuum podium
Male: Doug Snyder, 9 Masters wins, 3 Masters podiums and 1 Continuum podium 

First Conquer The Gauntlet winner:
Unknown (feel free to contact us if you have an answer)
First female to get 100% obstacle completion (aka First CTG Winner for Females):
Randi Lackey
First athlete to win Elite and Continuum in the same race:
Female: Randi Lackey
Male: No one
First athlete to finish in the money in Elite (1st-3rd) and Continuum (1st) in the same race:
Female: Amy Pajcic
Male: Nathan Palmer
First athlete to win Elite and Masters in the same race:
Female: Lisa Nondorf
Male: No one
First athlete to win Continuum and Masters in the same race:
Female: Lisa Nondorf
Male: Scott Wierzycki 
First athlete to triple podium (Elite, Masters and Continuum):
Males: Scott Wierzycki
Females: Lisa Nondorf
First athlete to win Elite, Continuum and Masters (not in the same race):
Males: Scott Wierzycki
Females: Lisa Nondorf
First male athlete to run seven laps at Continuum:
Freddie Thompson (non-pro team) 
First athlete to run six laps at Continuum with 100% obstacle completion:
Scott Wierzycki
First female athlete to run six laps at Continuum:
Amy Pajcic
First female athlete to run six laps at Continuum with 100% obstacle completion:
Amy Pajcic

Non-CTG OCR Related Records

These are records not just for the team but for any athlete competing in races across the globe. There's no official "Guinness Book of Records" for OCR, but based off how long the sport has been around and our involvement, we feel fairly confident that these are correct. These cover records held by current and former team members.

Michelle Warnky

Most trips to American Ninja Warrior National Finals Female in Las Vegas: 6 Michelle Warnky (now tied with Jessie Graf)

First female athlete to earn six trips to Ninja Warrior National Finals in Las Vegas: Michelle Warnky
(2013-2016, 2018-2019)

Amy Pajcic

First female to stand on the individual overall podium of both World's Toughest Mudder and OCR World Championships: Amy Pajcic
(OCRWC 2013, WTM 2013)

Was the only female with this accomplishment until 2022

Amy Pajcic

Most wins at Mud Ninja: Amy Pajcic, 4 wins
(2016, 2017, 2019, 2020)

Evan Perperis

Most OCR miles run in a week: 191 miles Evan Perperis in the first seven days of OCR America 2: When Hell Freezes Over in 2020

Rachel Watters

Longest OCR (both distance and time wise, female): Rachel Watters at 2022 Casa Garcia with 105 miles, 500 obstacles in 42 hours

Evan Perperis

Longest OCR (time wise): 48 hours Evan Perperis Endure The Gauntlet at CTG Tulsa in 2018

Ashley Samples

Most Mud Endeavor Wins

Doug Snyder
Most Vanguard Race Wins

Amy Pajcic

Most Black Swamp Dash Wins: Amy Pajcic, 4
(2016, 2017, 2018, 2021)

Evan Perperis

Only athlete to podium finish at every 24 hour OCR in the USA in a single calendar year: Evan Perperis 2017
(2nd Terrain Relay, 1st Midwest Mayhem, 1st* Shale Hell and 2nd Team Merrel at World's Toughest Mudder)
Most 24 hour OCRs in a calendar year: Evan Perperis, 5
(2017 list plus True Grit Enduro in Australia)

Evan Perperis

Most KC Timber Challenge- XTC Wins (male): Evan Perperis, 4
(2016 CTG-XTC, 2018, 2019, 2020)

Evan Perperis

Most BattleFrog Xtreme (BFX) Wins: Evan Perperis, 3 wins (now tied with Marco Bedard and another athlete)

First male to win 3xBFXs: Evan Perperis
(Cincinnati 2015, Kansas City 2016, Chicago 2016)

Evan Perperis

Most Ultra-OCR Podiums: Evan Perperis, 26
See Evan's website for a complete updated list.