Racing: Where To Find Us

Use OCR Buddy to help find all your favorite races nationwide.   That's what we primarily use to find races nationwide that are convenient, fun or offer a great experience.
 We often like to show up to some of our favorite series in the Midwest including Mythic Race and KC Timber Challenge. 
Plus, we occasionally fly all the way to the Middle East for the epic Hannibal Race.

OCR Buddy

Looking to fill out your race calendar? Use the OCR Buddy app, which is now FREE (search for it in your app store)! It not only gives you all the dates and locations for almost every OCR in the world, it also has discount codes to help you save on every registration! OCR Buddy is the single resource with the largest number of race dates and locations, making it key to finding the races that you love.

Hannibal Race

Pros have traveled overseas several times to Hannibal Race. The race series is based out of Lebanon but has also held races in both Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

If you are looking for a unique travel destination, a great race and an epic adventure, check out Hannibal Race

Hannibal Race Lebanon

Hannibal Race Kuwait

Mythic Race

A race designed by someone that loves the sport, William Shell, is not only a race director but also an athlete.  His brand, now on its third year offers some of the best obstacles in the sport at an affordable price point.  We can't recommend Mythic Race enough.

For the latest details on dates and location follow their Facebook page.

KC Timber Challenge

KC Timber Challenge is the brand that has been building OCR for almost a decade.  They offer a variety of events from family friendly runs to competitive races.  Every event has a unique theme making the permanent course feel different on every single run.  If you are looking to get someone new into OCR there is no better brand than KC Timber Challenge.  If you are experienced, you'll find the variety of obstacles and unique challenges (like their low rig) something to test your skill.

For the latest details check out their site: