Media: Public Speaking

Pro Team members have conducted speaking engagements on a variety of topics including Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), fitness and life experiences such as military service and inspiring young minds in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math).

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Ted Talks & STEM: Jay Flores

As a Global Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador, Jay Flores knows just how important STEM is to the future of the world. He’s spreading the word through his energizing presentations and outreach to schools, community groups and industry experts. The power of STEM, Jay advocates, can help young girls and boys become super heroes, solve big (and little) problems and contribute their best ideas to improve our planet. As a top level OCR athlete, he is also capable of speaking on the subject of training, racing and inspiring the next generation.

Lionhearts OCR: rachel watters and Evan Perperis

Rachel Watters has visited Lionhearts OCR in person and Evan Perperis has done a zoom call with the kids to teach them about fitness, motivation and life lessons in general. The Lionhearts OCR Group is non-profit that is helping build future racers near Chattanooga, Tennessee that is 100% volunteers, 100% donations and 100% community driven that describes their mission statement as:

To empower our youth to face fears and conquer obstacles, knowing their worth, building self-worth as well as becoming stronger physically. Obstacle Racing, particularly in team racing, develops community, unity, strength and empowerment by helping others. No one is left out, left behind.

Read more about Lionhearts OCR here in this Mud Run Guide article.
Or visit their webpage directly here: Lionhearts Fitness

School Classes and EventS: Evan perperis

Evan Perperis has spoken at more than half a dozen schools since 2006 talking about military life, deployments, Middle Eastern culture/experiences and fitness.

This includes speaking at fellow Pro's school Randi Lackey's class in Fairview, OK and talking on Veteran's Day at Riley County Grade School in Kansas.