Mudgear - Hannibal Race 

Pro Team

The longest running active OCR Pro Team.
Est. 2016

Athletes from the Pro Team featured in the MudGear "Made Tougher" commercial.

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Welcome to the official website of the MudGear- Hannibal Race Professional Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Team. We are a group of Pro OCR athletes that race across all different series from one mile sprints to multi-day OCR challenges. When racing at these events, we only trust MudGear to give us the top athletic wear to perform at our best.

Please take the time to explore our site for great training tips, workouts, gear suggestions and many people's favorite, #FailFriday, as we try to push our obstacle skills to new limits.   Our website is updated frequently and our roster changes slightly every year so check back often for the latest information.

Pick up some MudGear and we will see you out on the course!


Learn about our athlete of rosters, what their day jobs are and who has been on the team in the past.


Looking for technique tips or workouts?  Check out this section for those plus information about gyms, some fail videos and more.


What makes us Pros?  Check out our compiled race results broken down by year, championship results and records, then use the suggestions listed to find races.


Learn how we keep our bodies in top racing shape and the team of experts we use to support our racing.


American Ninja Warrior, live Hannibal Races on TV, podcasts, magazines, books and more, our athletes have been in all sorts of media click here to see some examples.


Order some books or a movie from our Pro Shop.  All the content is written or produced with help from athletes on the team.

Sponsors and DIscounts

Looking to have gear like the pros? Our list of sponsors will help you get there and you'll even find a couple of discount codes to save you some money along the way.