Recovery: Products & Fuel

Training alone doesn't make you a better athlete. It is the stress caused by training and the subsequent rest/recovery period that produces those changes to your body. To ensure you maximize your fitness here are some fueling products we recommend. 

Fuel: The Feed

The Feed has a full lineup of products for pre/intra/post racing.  Here are a couple of recommendations by athlete.

Post-Training Comfort: ORORO Heated Apparel

We know that people feel better when they stay active, and we’re proud to offer first-class facilities designed to help you do just that. We have experienced staff on hand at all times, who are there to make your experience even better. Take a look around our website to find out more about what we have to offer.

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Recovery Compression: MudGear Socks

Although designed for racing and not necessarily recovery compression (which is usually tighter), they can be used for both. If you are on the line between two sizes, use the larger one for your race kit and the smaller one for your post race recovery. The tight pressure of these socks will help circulate the blood and clear waste products. Best time to put this stuff on is immediately post-race or hard training session. On a final note, the long Mudgear socks will give you the best recovery.

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